Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Practice sessions

Handing out certificates

The third and final day of this training is over and I am so pleased. The trainees have done so much courageous vulnerable personal work in the role plays, that now several of them are ready to train others in the camps, which we begin tomorrow. After a really tough day of long practice sessions that were extremely intense emotionally, we ended the day with graduation, all singing "Lean on Me" together led by Juliette, my fabulous interpreter, with her gorgeous strong voice. Everyone was very proud of their certificates with cameras going off every which way with their holding up their certificates beaming with me standing next to them, The group really bonded, and true to form, one of the nurses came up to get her certificate while talking on her cell phone. I finally figured out today that they were not only on the phone or texting about work stuff, so I at least put the kabash on the phones while we were in practice sessions.
I am so lucky to get to participate in this healing community and am so touched by these men and women who want to help heal themselves and their country. The life force is so strong in the midst of this chaotically dysfunctional country. We have had such a good time today singing loud together in between each practice session with a number of different trainees each taking a turn leading us. It was such a fun break. This was a very good day.

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